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Transferring to the Ƶ from another institution

If you have been studying elsewhere and wish to transfer your registration to a distance and flexible programme offered by the Ƶ (UoL), you may be able to transfer any credit you accumulated to the new programme.

If we are able to recognise your prior learning you will reduce the number of modules/courses you take, which may reduce both the time and cost of the qualification for which you register.

Requirements for students who wish to undertake one of our qualifications and have studied elsewhere, including at one of the member institutions of the Ƶ, are set out in detail in the General Regulations, regulations 2 - 4.

We will review your prior learning and advise whether the credits accumulated may be transferred to your elected programme of study with the Ƶ. Such applications are considered on a case by case basis and rely on the programme regulations governing the programme to which you wish to transfer. Programme regulations will indicate whether and under what conditions prior learning will be considered.

How to apply for recognition of prior learning, together with the qualifications that we recognise automatically for the more sought after programmes offered by UoL are outlined on the website. Where we recognise your prior learning you will not be required to undertake the corresponding modules/courses on the programme of study you commence with us. If the qualification is listed under ‘automatic’ recognition of prior learning there is no charge for its consideration. Where a qualification is not listed, we will charge a fee for review of your prior learning. The charges are listed in the fee schedules for your programme.

Consideration of prior learning is time restricted and will only ever be accredited if it forms a coherent and current element of the programme you intend to undertake.

Transferring to another federation member

For students who wish to use accumulated credit from a UoL programme and study elsewhere, we will, on request, provide a transcript of your studies, outlining your syllabus details and assessment results. A fee is payable for this service. It is up to the receiving institution as to whether they will recognise and accredit the learning.