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Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is where we accept a previous qualification as meeting the learning outcomes for a course or module.

If your prior learning is recognised and accredited, you won’t need to take it as part of your degree. This reduces the number of courses (and may reduce the length of time) required to complete your degree.

Different courses have specific guidelines about RPL, these are outlined on the individual course webpages and in the Programme Regulations. For other rules associated with RPL, see General Regulations (Section 3).

You can apply for automatic or discretionary recognition of your prior learning.

To be considered for RPL you must make a formal request when submitting your online application for your preferred programme or you can contact us through an the .
You must meet the entrance requirements for the programme to be considered for RPL.
We will not award RPL if you have already entered for assessment in the module concerned.
We may not recognise or accredit prior learning for a module later than 14 days after the module start date for some programmes or 14 days after you have paid the module fee.

How is your prior learning recognised?

How to request RPL

What happens after your request?

You will be notified of the outcome of your RPL application. Any approved RPL will be accredited to your record.

Once approved, recognition of prior learning is valid for a limited period (e.g. up to five years). If you do not register or attempt any examinations during this period, you may need to submit a new application for RPL.

Your transcript will indicate the credit value for any module where prior learning is recognised and accredited. The mark obtained for the earlier qualification will not be carried forward to your record and will not contribute towards your award.

Transferring to another institution from a Ƶ Worldwide programme

For students who wish to use accumulated credit from a UoL distance or flexible programme  and study elsewhere, we will, on request, provide a transcript of your studies, outlining your syllabus details and assessment results. A fee is payable for this service.

It is up to the receiving institution as to whether they will recognise and accredit the learning.