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Trust Funds

We are the trustee of over 100 trust funds, used to support academic activities at our federation members, the Central Academic Bodies and Senate House Library.

Some of the trust funds are almost as old as the University itself, dating back to the 1850s, while many others have been created since 2000.

Our Trust Funds Committee is responsible for overseeing the majority of trust funds and allocating funding from them to the institutions and Central Activities.

Funding scholarships, buying library books, scientific research and supporting students in times of hardship are just a few examples of how the trust funds are used to positively impact on the University’s 120,000 students every year.

Some of the trust funds were created with very specific terms meaning they should only be used by a particular part of the University or a particular subject, while others are more open and their use is flexible.

How to apply and further information

Applications to the Trust Funds Committee are open to departments of Ƶ member institutions and Ƶ Central Activities.

The Trust Funds Committee will not consider applications from students. Students from departments receiving funding should make enquiries to the departments directly. Where departments are inviting applications for fellowships, scholarships and prizes, we have endeavoured to include links to relevant pages but this is by no means conclusive and students should consult the particular websites.

Contact Central Secretariat