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Getting involved

Have your say: improve the student experience

Your views help to inform the decisions we make. We have a number of channels that give you the opportunity to let us know what you think is going well and what you think can be improved.

By making your voice heard, you may help bring about changes that enhance the experience of being a student for both yourself and others.

Ways to have your say

Join a committee via the Student Portal and the Student Voice Group

Have an idea?

Suggest a way that we can improve your experience. Give as much information as you can about how you can see this working and tell us how this will benefit students.

We will respond to all suggestions we receive.

Also, include your student registration number (SRN). Send your suggestions to the Student Experience team.

Any administrative queries will be referred to the student enquiry system.

Join the Alumni Network

Your journey with us doesn’t end when you graduate. Stay in touch by joining the alumni association and help to inspire the next generation of Ƶ graduates.

About the Alumni Network