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Halls of residence and student accommodation 

We have a wide range of accommodation options across Ƶ to suit every requirement. 

All Ƶ students can apply to live in our Intercollegiate Halls. The larger federation members have their own halls, but a number of the smaller, more specialised institutions do not. 

The Ƶ Housing Services are also able to offer advice to students and staff seeking accommodation in the private sector and have a range of flats available to all students of the University.

Our Accommodation options

  • Intercollegiate Halls   
    We offer a diverse and inclusive environment to study, relax and socialise. Providing accommodation to the largest student community in Ƶ.  
    Our Housing Service offers a range of services to assist and support students and staff at contributing colleges who are looking for and living in private accommodation in Ƶ.