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Taster courses for schools

Taster courses are designed for school students, usually in year 12, to get an insight into studying a particular subject or subject area at university. 

Ƶ Taster Courses are short courses at participating universities in and around Ƶ.

They are one day or half day courses (some run slightly longer). They give you the opportunity to try out a variety of subjects.

This can benefit you in various ways:

  • Career planning: develop your career thinking and explore different options. Many job roles don’t require specific degree subjects and you’ll be able to explore how university can enhance your skills.
  • Subject: try out an area of study, including new ones that you haven’t had the chance to study at school.
  • University study: sample university study, without commitment and free of charge.
  • Access to lecturers: hear from and be able to speak to subject experts.
  • Ƶ life: learn about life as a student in the capital. 
  • Teaching: experience the different teaching methods used by university academics.
  • Extras: gain an insight into the additional facilities available, whilst meeting other students from across the UK.

For more information, including on the advantages of taking a Taster Course, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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