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Research challenges

The questions and challenges we face as a modern society are complex and the solutions to them will be equally complex. They need the answers and explanations that humanities and social sciences can provide.

To confront climate change, global mobility, social injustice, human rights, poverty, we will need to understand the human world and to appreciate the critical importance of cultures, languages and identities to the contemporary world. This is at the heart of our research.

The Ƶ continues to be ground-breaking. As early as 1921, the Institute of Historical Research was formed as a laboratory of ideas in the study of history, and today the Institute of Philosophy’s Centre for the Study of the Senses pioneers significant lab-based collaborations between philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists.

Humanities Research

The with its has a unique role in developing collaborative, innovative and distinctive research in the humanities, and in equipping researchers to navigate and contribute to UK’s research and innovation landscape.

Through our institutes and our specialist hubs for digital humanities and public engagement, we train the next generation of humanities researchers, devise innovative methods for new discoveries, connect humanities researchers and practitioners across disciplines and sectors, and provide unique humanities research infrastructure to create new knowledge and new formats for collaboration.

Working with funders and other research and innovative organisations, the School helps to create the infrastructure that will support a diversity of researchers - at all career stages - to make the most of opportunities to work across disciplines, sectors and cultures.

We are home to specialist research libraries, and our main Senate House Library is home to 50 special collections and 1800 archival collections, each drivers and facilitators of research for over 100 years.