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University Governance

Explore how the Ƶ is governed.

The Ƶ is incorporated by Royal Charter granted on 6 January 1863 and governed by the Ƶ Act 2018 (which received Royal Assent on 20 December 2018) and its Statutes and Ordinances.

The Ƶ Act 2018 replaces the Ƶ Act 1994, which is now repealed. The University was originally incorporated by Royal Charter on 28 November 1836.

  • Our governing body is the Board of Trustees
  • Our principal officer is the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Wendy Thomson CBE.

As outlined in our Statutes our central academic bodies are:

  • School of Advanced Study
  • Ƶ Institute in Paris
  • Ƶ Worldwide

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