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United Kingdom

UCL is a diverse global community of world-class academics, students, industry links, external partners, and alumni. Our powerful collective of individuals and institutions work together to explore new possibilities. 

Since 1826, we have championed independent thought by attracting and nurturing the world's best minds. Our community of more than 51,000 students from 150 countries and over 16,000 staff pursue academic excellence, breaks boundaries, and makes a positive impact on real world problems. 

We are consistently ranked among the top 10 universities in the world (QS World University Rankings 2010 – 2023) and are one of only a handful of institutions rated as having the strongest academic reputation and the broadest research impact. In the recent Research Excellence Framework, we came second in the UK for our Research Power 

We have a progressive and integrated approach to our teaching and research – championing innovation, creativity, and cross-disciplinary working. We teach our students how to think, not what to think, and see them as partners, collaborators, and contributors.  We offer a multidisciplinary range of programmes, broadly grouped across our 11 Faculties including; Faculties of Arts and Humanities, Brain Sciences, Built Environment, Engineering Sciences, Laws, Life Sciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Medical Sciences, Population Health Sciences, Social and Historical Sciences, as well as the Institute of Education. 

For almost 200 years, we are proud to have opened higher education to students from a wide range of backgrounds and to change the way we create and share knowledge.  

We were one of the first in England to welcome women to university education and that courageous attitude and disruptive spirit is still alive today. We are UCL. 

Courses with academic direction from UCL

Short course

Admiralty law

Admiralty Law provides the framework for international trade, looking at trade from an integrated perspective (credit bearing).
Short course

Advanced contract law

This course aim to give you a detailed understanding of contract law (credit bearing).
Short course

Advanced torts

This course covers an introduction to torts and trespass to the person, the defamation action and tort theory (credit bearing).
Short course

Carriage of goods by sea

Contract of carriage can come in various shapes and in this course you will study the two main forms of contract and carriage and their uses (credit bearing).
Short course

Commercial trusts law

This course considers how the trusts law is used by commercial entities, banks and other financial institutions and large corporations (credit bearing).
Short course

Company law

A vital module for anyone intending to operate in a commercial field (credit bearing).
Short course

Comparative criminal justice policy

This course considers criminal justice systems from a range of jurisdictions, highlighting the merits and drawbacks of these systems (credit bearing).
Short course

Corporate governance and compliance

This course will help you understand the driving force behind the development and importance of corporate governance (credit bearing).
Short course

Derivatives Law

This course raises theoretical questions about the way derivatives markets function and how the law and regulations should interact with them (credit bearing).
Short course

European convention on Human Rights

This course aims to provide you with a detailed knowledge of how the European human rights legal process has evolved (credit bearing).
Short course

European internal market

This course provides you with advanced knowledge and critical understanding of the rules and principles underpinning the EU internal markets (credit bearing).
Short course

European union competition law

This course deals with the general and specific issues surrounding EU Competition rules and the enforcement of those rules (credit bearing).
Short course

Financial accounting frameworks

This module provides an introduction to core accounting principles and their applications, both internal and external, to a business organisation.

Financial sanctions

This course is made up of a selection modules from other courses and is only available for the PGCert.
Short course

FinTech: Law and regulation

This module will help you understand what FinTech is and also introduce you to blockchain (credit bearing).
Short course

Franchising law

In franchising law you will study how and why the rules governing franchise agreements work (credit bearing).
MBA, PGDip and PGCert

Global MBA

Earn a world-class academic degree accredited by professional bodies such as CMI and CIMA and join the next generation of global business leaders.
Short course

Human rights of women

Many of the issues and examples you will explore on this course are contemporary human rights issues (credit bearing).
Short course

International criminal law

In this course you will become familiar with both the most important primary sources of the law and leading scholarly commentaries on it (credit bearing).
Short course

International economic law

This course covers the law regulating international economic relations and the role of international organisations such as the United Nations (credit bearing).
Short course

International investment law

This course is designed to give you exposure to the world of law concerned with the regulation of foreign investment (credit bearing).
Short course

International law of the sea

This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive picture from evolution to the current application of the law of the sea (credit bearing).
Short course

International merger control

This course is rather unique as it deals with a particular business phenomenon: mergers between firms (credit bearing).
Short course

International natural resources law

This course will provide you with the skills to analyse the theory of international natural resources law and its practical application (credit bearing).
Short course

International refugee law

In this course we will initially look at the historical move towards affording protection to persons who may be deemed to be a refugee (credit bearing).
Short course

International rights of the child

This is a highly analytical course and we will also identify problem areas in regard to the rights of the child (credit bearing).
Short course

International trade law

In this course you will see how trade transactions relate to each other and how they operate in a commercial context (credit bearing).
Short course

Law of financial crime

This course studies how the law works in the UK and also how criminal law, the financial market practice and financial regulation all interact (credit bearing).
Short course

Law of international project finance

The structuring and finance of projects is a specialised discipline and one that will be explored in detail in this course (credit bearing).
Short course

Law of international taxation

This course examines the rules and principles that form how countries assert and limit their jurisdiction to tax cross-border flows of income (credit bearing).
Short course

Law of treaties

This course will provide you with knowledge of both theoretical and practical issues of the law of treaties (credit bearing).
Short course

Law on investment entities

This course explores law on investment: substantive laws relating to investment and the regulation of investment and how we protect consumers (credit bearing).
Short course

Management accounting frameworks

This module provides the knowledge, understanding and skills to establish an understanding of cost and management and insights into their applications.  
Short course

Marine insurance law

Over the duration of this course you will come to understand the intricacies of marine insurance law (credit bearing).
Short course

Maritime dispute settlement

Maritime dispute settlement deals with both general and specific issues of the settlement of maritime disputes. (credit bearing).
Short course

Medical law and ethics

This course requires students to use sophisticated analytical skills in evaluating complex legal and ethical dilemmas (credit bearing).
Short course

Modern copyright law

This module aims to provide you with both a general understanding of copyright law from a comparative perspective and to familiarise you with more contemporary debates.
Short course

Module 2: Learning in Teaching

This module focuses on assessment for learning and inclusion, you will gain an insight into the diverse needs of students.
LLM, PGCert and PGDip

LLM Postgraduate Laws

This LLM degree offers 32 specialisations, allowing you to demonstrate a broad awareness of law or specialist knowledge of a specific field.

MSc Professional Accountancy

Combine your professional qualifications with a world-class academic degree that will prepare you for the next step in your accounting career.
Short course

Russian law and legal institutions

The course is intended to provide a basic grounding in Russian law and institutions and also extend your intellectual horizons and abilities (credit bearing).
Short course

Securities law

This course aims to provide you with a strong grasp of the dense regulation within securities law (credit bearing).
Short course

Taxation principles and policy

This course takes a principled approach to consider why tax systems are structured in a particular way and what may influence the structure (credit bearing).

PGCE Teacher Development

Reflect on your teaching practice and different educational models within the context of research from academics at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society.
Short course

Telecommunications law

This course is all about the area of law that regulates the telecommunications industry (credit bearing).
Short course

Transfer of technology law

The course examines the issues of intellectual property rights largely from the perspective of United Kingdom and European Union law (credit bearing).
Short course

Western European legal history

This course is about the history of legal development in Europe, from the fall of the Roman Empire right up to the modern times (credit bearing).

What future for education?

Through this MOOC you will start to critically examine your own ideas about education, teaching and learning.
Short course

World trade law

The course covers the history of the WTO, its objectives and how it operates (credit bearing).
Short course

Youth justice

In this course students will discuss and analyse the socio-legal concepts of youth and childhood in both academic and legal discourse (credit bearing).