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UoL set to lead research project on EDI in the context of online and distance learning


Written by
Mark Piggott

The Ƶ has won funding from Advance HE’s Collaborative Development Fund (CDF) and is leading on a new research project focused on issues around equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) for students studying in online and distance education (ODE) in countries with different legislative, cultural and social contexts to the UK.

The project: ‘, will also involve King’s College Ƶ and University of the Arts Ƶ. The project is being funded through Advance HE’s CDF 2023-24.

The research team will engage with international ODE students to discover themes and issues related to inclusion, cultural sensitivity, and local safety, among others.

The project aims to develop an inclusion framework for students enrolled in online education as well as create an inclusive culture hub prototype that students can use to explore EDI resources that are globally inclusive, regionally sensitive, and locally safe.

As part of the project, the University’s Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) will lead on the publication of a brief discovery report to share insights and evidence of what inclusion means to international students engaged in online and distance education.

The project team leading this work are:

  • Dr Arun Verma, Head of Inclusion, Ƶ
  • Dr Linda Amrane-Cooper, Director of Academic Practice in Online and Distance Education and CODE, Ƶ
  • Jo Harris, Associate Director of Student Life, Ƶ
  • Tim Wade, Director of Student Registry Services, Ƶ
  • Dr Jonathan San Diego, Senior Lecturer and CODE Fellow, Kings College Ƶ
  • Sebastian May, Student Experience Lead, University of the Arts Ƶ