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Ƶ takes part in Pride Month

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Mark Piggott

The annual Pride in Ƶ parade took place last Saturday (29 June) and a joyful time was had by all those representing the Ƶ. More than 30 students and staff from across the Federation took part.

Our old mortar board-style float was gracefully retired and recycled earlier this year, and for this parade we debuted our eye-catching new float. It was a fantastic day of colour, music, dancing, acceptance, and love as we enjoyed navigating the parade route through the streets of Ƶ!

UOL Pride Month parade 2024

University can often be the first place that LGBTQ+ people find they are able to explore who they are and bring their whole self to campus. For this reason, the Ƶ is a keen supporter of Pride Month. We also want to show solidarity, purpose and commitment with our Federation Members and wider Ƶ community where students from across the world celebrate Pride in Ƶ and the LGBTQ+ equality. 

We recognise that participating in Pride means doing the hard work. The Ƶ, whilst founded on the principles of equality and access, has an ambitious equality and inclusion vision and objectives that we are working towards achieving. 

We are committed “to continue to build on the founding ideals of inclusivity, diversity and collaboration of the Ƶ and to champion inclusive cultures, structures and journeys to enable our collective expertise and strengthen our connections and collaborations nationally and worldwide.” 

Information on our equality and inclusion work can be found here.