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Royal Holloway, Ƶ

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Egham Hill
TW20 0EX
United Kingdom

Royal Holloway, Ƶ, is ranked in the top 30* universities in the UK.

Brave from our beginnings over 170 years ago, we have the courage and conviction to think differently, providing a platform to challenge conventions.

With combined and integrated strengths in innovative education and transformative research, we have a passion to create, teach and share knowledge in both established and emerging areas. We are a place for growth. Our two locations, in Surrey and Central Ƶ, are inspiring environments where we aim to empower our students as individuals and transform lives, through inclusive education, an active and close-knit community, and partnerships that link us with local and global industry and culture.

Our strong sense of social purpose means we are committed to creating positive change, for what matters – for our students, for society and for the world.

Courses with academic direction from Royal Holloway

Short course

Applied cryptography

This module introduces how cryptography provides digital security for everyday applications such as the internet, mobile phones and wireless networks.

CertHE Business Administration

Get ready to succeed in today's highly competitive business environment and prepare for degree-level study at one of our local teaching centres.

Consumption, Marketing and Culture

This course prepares you for a more analytical understanding in the role that marketing activities play in shaping our consumer cultures and lives.

Cyber Crime

In this online course you will learn about the types of cyber crime and understand the involvement of human behaviour.
MSc, PGDip and PGCert

MSc Cyber Security

Gain essential foundation skills and hands-on experience with the latest industry case studies by studying this cyber security master's degree.
Short course

Cyber security foundations

This module introduces cyber security, why it is important, and the techniques and technologies that are used to achieve cyber security.

Cyber Security Fundamentals

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of cyber security and how we can go about trying to improve the security properties of organisations.
Short course

Information privacy

In this module you’ll study the challenge of maintaining personal data privacy, an issue which is of great importance to society.

Introduction to Applied Cryptography

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of cyber security and how we can go about trying to improve the security properties of organisations.

Introduction to computer security

Gain an introduction to computer system core components and functions, and also explore some of the vulnerability and threat issues in computer security.

Introduction to network security

In this MOOC you will develop an understanding of the design and security of computer communication, network technology, and the Internet.

BSc Marketing

Build an understanding of marketing theory and practice and explore perspectives on marketing as a discipline and its implications for firms and society.
Short course

Operations and quality management

This module introduces you to the key components of driving successful projects forward, including operations, strategy, process and quality management.

Operations Systems Excellence

This course introduces the development of operational systems and how operating methods can help achieve corporate excellence.
MSc, PGDip and PGCert

MSc Project Management

Build the expertise you need to deliver complex, ambitious projects with this MSc designed by experienced industry practitioners and academics.

The Camera Never Lies

This course is a short taster on the topic of the use of images and film, and their use in historical interpretation in the 20th century.
Short course

The Magna Carta and its legacy

This course will cover how the Magna Carta was established, why it was radical in its day and how it has been reinvented over the centuries (credit bearing).